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Forged Components Launches Tip Sheet for Choosing Forged Flanges with Marketing Advantages

Texas-based company specializing in connections for ASME pressure vessels looks at advantages of seamless integrally reinforced forged connections versus multi-component fabrication.


Humble, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/01/2016 -- Forged Components, Inc. (FCI), a global leader in the forging, machining and manufacture of integral self-reinforced connections for ASME pressure vessels, has announced the launch of its tip sheet for choosing forged flanges that have marketing advantages. The document focuses on the advantages of seamless integrally reinforced forged connections versus multi-component fabrication, with Forged Components representatives stressing to quality-conscious customers that integrally reinforced forged connections boast improved strength, as the connection is forged close to the finished profile.

According to the tip sheet, FCI's industrial flanges simplify shop fabrication by eliminating pad fabrication reinforcement, nozzle neck fabrication, component fabrication, pad installation reinforcement, inspection and testing, handling of associated components to and from the various work stations and inspection and marking of component material (identification/traceability).

Improved quality control comes in the form of reduced component and shop fabrication inspection, allowing quality control inspectors to direct their efforts to other more demanding or critical areas of concern. Further, in lighter duty applications, the use of long weld necks eliminates/reduces the possibility of barrel distortion that can occur in pipe necks due to heat input from welding.

Production cost reduction advantages as outlined by Forged Components' tip sheet for choosing integrally-reinforced forged connections include material requisitioning, purchasing and expediting of one part as compared to three parts (pipe, flange and plate), material handling of only one part into stock and then directly into the final assembly of the work inventory control of fewer parts, quality control improvement in the areas of traceability, inspection, testing and documentation and reduction of fabrication schedule, thus improving the purchaser's deliveries and internal cash flow.

The marketing advantages of utilizing integrally reinforced pressure vessel flanges, according to Forged Components representatives who contributed to the tip sheet, encompass improved and more consistent equipment deliveries to customers due to less variables affecting production, more consistent pricing of equipment due to fewer variables estimations, more competitive pricing as a result of being able to use smaller connections for man ways and instrumentation connections, increased sales revenue as a result of increased production, aesthetic appeal of completed work using seamless connection, predetermined cost and guaranteed quality level, assuring on-target performance for the connection portion of a budget.

One major marketing advantage, say Forged Components reps, comes in the form of special contour forged insert lips – contour forged with aligned grain flow – which impart maximum strength and toughness and which can be specified for applications requiring superior resistance to thermal and mechanical stresses.

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About Forged Components, Inc. (FCI)
Forged Components, Inc. (FCI) is a global leader in the forging, machining and manufacture of integral self-reinforced connections for ASME pressure vessels LWN, HB, I1, I2, I3 E, Q-Lip nozzles, butt weld stub end connections, studding outlets, and ASME B.16 Series A & B large diameter flanges and blinds.

FCI operates from 95,000 square-feet of manufacturing facilities at multiple locations throughout Texas in Houston, Humble, Porter and Navasota, with its main corporate office and manufacturing/storage facility situated in Humble. In addition to pressure vessel connections and pressure vessel flange products, FCI produces forgings for the energy, petrochemical, refinery, power generation and oil/gas exploration and production industries.

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