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Forget the Hollywood Diet - Learn the Real Secrets of Celebrity Weight Loss


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/31/2014 -- The Hollywood diet is taking the weight loss industry by storm. This simple drink made up mostly of minerals and vitamins has been marketed quite cleverly as the Hollywood way to lose weight. However, being based on fasting all this diet really offers is weight loss from 2 days of starvation and hunger. Hollywood ‘A’ list stars rarely rely on such drastic zero energy solutions to weight loss.

Most celebrities have high energy lifestyles especially when they are onset filming. They must therefore use unique weight loss systems that allow them to eat large quantities of energy-giving food, which is high in calories and that also contains fat. Such systems are covered in detail on the website which is the brainchild of the, self diagnosed, fitness and weight loss obsessive Kim Jane.

Kim has discovered that the real Hollywood diet that celebrities have kept secret is based on a customized approach to eating and exercise. Kim’s research showed her that the most successful celebrity diets, which lead to long-term weight loss, are those ones that are based on a personal approach to weight loss.

She realized though that wealthy celebrities have no problem hiring fitness experts and nutritionists to regulate and monitor their food consumption and exercise routines but that regular people just don’t have that option.

However, although most people cannot afford to pay for that type of one-on-one attention Kim outlines things that ordinary people can do to take advantage of the Hollywood approach to weight loss.

By identifying the best foods based on a person’s body type and twinning it with a dietary approach based on their age it is possible to create a customized weight loss program that works just as fast as any personalized celebrity diet and that works better than the fad diets based on starvation and/or heavy exercise.

What’s more, the good news is that such customized diets usually mean a person can eat more than they have been eating on a standard diet and they can even eat certain junk foods that are beneficial to their specific body type. shows clearly that almost all diets are generic and by their very nature are designed for everyone. As not all people have the same body type and are not the same age these generic diets will simply not work for them.

In her website Kim demonstrates that some generic diets can even have the opposite effect on certain body types and cause them to gain extra body fat and/or lose much-needed muscle.

In fact the majority of people who try to lose weight will cut down on their food consumption and eat low fat, low calorie foods in an attempt to starve their body into fat loss. Some people even fast from food entirely, which is exactly how the Hollywood Diet drink works.

However, Kim has learned that changing how you eat is the quickest way to lose weight.

Visit her website to see how Kim reveals the real secrets that Hollywood stars and other ‘A’ list celebrities use to lose body fat fast while staying healthy and eating high calorie, energy-giving regular meals.

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