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Forklift Rental and Hire Sydney Specialists Direct Forklift Sales Announces New Corporate Strategy


Sydney, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/07/2012 -- Direct Forklift Sales (DFS) is pleased to announce a major restructuring of their corporate strategy from brokerage sales model to one of lead generation specialists for the Australian forklift industry. DFS will now pre-qualify forklift buyers before contacting them with the most reputable suppliers in the region. The new and used forklift sales and forklift rental Sydney specialists also provide forklift hire services by working with the best suppliers in the region.

In just two years from their original launch in 2010, Direct Forklift Sales grew into Australia's premier forklift and equipment brokerage. As the business landscape has changed for the company as well as buyers and sellers, the brokerage model of matching qualified forklift buyers and hirers with the best deals from equipment suppliers across the country has been left behind. The forklift truck hire specialists have successfully rebranded themselves as the lead generation specialists to the forklift industry.

By Leveraging their expert marketing and online knowledge, DFS will now pre-qualify forklift buyers before connecting them with the most reputable supplier in their region. “The shift in corporate strategy allows us to modify the business in a way that makes use more responsive to the changing needs and positioning of both forklift buyers and sellers throughout Australia,” said Direct Forklift Sales Director Nathan Wade.

This creative new strategy allows the forklift hire Sydney specialists of DFS to focus on what they do best (generate quality leads) while ensuring that buyers are put directly in contact with the most appropriate supplier. “Each of our carefully selected suppliers is enjoying substantial increases to their sales without the need to employ expensive marketing agencies or take on extra infrastructure,” said Wade.

Even with the corporate strategy restructuring, Direct Forklift Sales is still dedicated to serving the needs of forklift buyers and renters in longstanding traditional ways as well as new ways.

The company’s Free Evaluation helps analyze the load-shifting needs of buyers and renters to show them the safest, cheapest and best options. In addition, their forklift safety experts are always ready to answer any safety or legality questions that arise. “We’re confident that this restructuring will in fact help us better serve buyers and renters as well as Australia’s forklift suppliers by more fully ensuring that both parties are vetted and truly capable of doing business together,” said Wade. For more information, please visit http://www.directforkliftsales.com.au

About Direct Forklift Sales
The specialists behind Direct Forklift Sales are a team of internet marketing specialists from Sydney Australia with the connections and expertise to link businesses looking to purchase or hire forklifts, with the best forklift supplier in their region. Direct Forklift Sales has been in business since the start of 2010. They have recently transformed from being Australia's most successful forklift brokerage to the biggest supplier of quality leads to the Australian forklift industry.