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Forman Dental Care Gets New Dental Laser

Forman Dental Care upgrades its services with its acquisition of dental laser equipment. Dental laser is one of the newer technologies in dental treatments.


Vaughan, Ontario -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/04/2013 -- Forman Dental Care has added dental laser treatments to its services not only to keep up with the advances in dentistry but also to provide the best that modern technology offers for the comfort and convenience of its growing number of patients.

Laser, which is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation, is a narrow and intense beam of light coming from a crystal or gas light source. Depending on the light sources used, there is a wide range of lasers used in dentistry, suitable for various types of applications.

Uses of Dental Laser

Although dental lasers are not applicable to all treatments, they have a wide range of uses such as in:

- Desensitizing teeth that are sensitive to hot and cold temperatures. Previous treatments were minimally successful at best so, this allows us to help patients now like never before.
- The treatment of mouth sores such as canker sores. Cankers that would bother patients for days of weeks can now be treated in minutes.
- Non-surgical treatment of gum disease and periodontal disease. Sites that would have required surgery in the past can now be treated, often without freezing or the discomfort associated with surgery.
- Teeth whitening. Laser speeds up teeth whitening procedures by enhancing the effect of the peroxide bleaching solution or other tooth-bleaching agents.

Benefits of Dental Laser

Laser dental instruments operate silently, without the whining sounds or noises of a dental drill or other dental instruments. This helps to relax the patient and consequently, reduces anxiety. Laser surgery causes less pain, so reduced local anesthesia is needed. In addition, there is minimal bleeding, swelling, little or no post operative discomfort, and shorter healing time compared to traditional dental treatments.

The laser will definitely improve many of Forman Dental Care’s services, adding a new dimension to the dental practice that will benefit its patients.

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