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Former Blushing Phobia Sufferer Offers Stop Blushing Hypnotherapy Sessions with Lifetime Support

Clinical hypnotherapist, Mark Stubbles offers hypnotherapy and confidence coaching, he has taken his stop blushing online course and created a Facebook group to help sufferers of erythrophobia which causes uncontrollable blushing.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/26/2019 -- Mark Stubbles is a clinical hypnotherapy practitioner that specialises in stop smoking hypnotherapy, he has a passion for helping people increase confidence. On his website he says, One of the things that made him want to become a hypnotherapist was to overcome his own shyness and lack of confidence caused by childhood trauma, he says he used to suffer from severe social anxiety and to compound his issues he is ginger which means he used to blush very easily.

Mark says he was teased for blushing as a child and this caused him to become paranoid about it, Carl Jung once said, "what resists not only persists but gets stronger" this means the more we try to fight an anxiety based problem like blushing the worse it gets. Erythrophobia is the name for a fear of blushing and because of the way in which it fuels itself it is quite a complex issue to treat, the fear of blushing causes anxiety which then fuels more blushing. Blushing is a physiological response to anxiety and because the fear of blushing can cause severe anxiety erythrophobia can be a tricky thing to treat.

Mark used all of his expertise in hypnosis and NLP to put together a course that he sells via Udemy but he wanted to offer even more help to blushing sufferers so he has gone even further and added all the course videos to an exclusive Facebook group for his clients, in the group where he shares several NLP techniques and supplies ten different hypnosis downloads he will be holding regular Q&A sessions via Facebook live video, offering ongoing support and adding even more content.

The group is hosted by Facebook which means clients get permanent lifetime access. Stop Blushing With Hypnotherapy Online Group & Hypnosis Sessions is available for purchase from Mark's website, besides the online group, videos and support Mark will also supply to one to one hypnotherapy sessions which should be enough to guarantee anyone can stop unwanted blushing.

About Mark Stubbles
Based in Berkshire. Mark Stubbles sees clients online via Zoom or Skype. Clients suffering with severe social anxiety who live in the Berkshire area can request a home visit.

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