Former Corporate Vice President Brings Meditation to the Workplace

Chase Carey, Author of Chasin’ Meditation, Shares Tips on How to Perfect Meditation and Survive Stress in New Book


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/07/2016 -- Stress in the workplace is no new phenomenon. New methods for combating this stress, however, are causing business leaders to reevaluate and reprioritize long-term employee wellness. Christopher "Chase" Carey, who worked in corporate America for health insurance and consulting companies for over twenty years, saw firsthand the effects that stress had on employees. After studying at the Monroe Institute in Virginia and becoming a certified meditation teacher, Carey decided to bring his knowledge of meditation and stress-relief techniques back into corporate America.

"Meditation has too long been viewed as a Far Eastern religion, something left over from the 1970s, or worse yet, just something ridiculous," shares Carey, who introduced the concept of meditation for employees to Aetna in the early '90s with little success. In 2015, however, Aetna, like many other adapting corporations, began to see the benefits of meditation and teaching it to their employees.

In Chasin' Meditation, Carey provides a step-by-step guide to meditation. Techniques range from daily meditation to self-love meditation, to even chocolate meditation for weight loss.

"It demystifies meditation, separates it from yoga, religion, and mindfulness, and teaches the reader the five steps to a perfect meditation," explains Carey. "Imagine being only five steps away from turning your life into a dance rather than a struggle. I teach this starting in the very first chapter."

Aside from the simple, easy-to-follow writing style of the book, one of the biggest values is that it is created specifically with busy professionals in mind.

"I used it in corporate America to make me less stressed, more creative, and an envied problem solver," says Carey. "I want people to be able to benefit from meditation as I did, surviving never-ending stress, deadlines, traffic, and all the technological distractions of today. I want everyone to be exposed to these easy techniques so they too can have the fulfilling life they so deserve without the constant stress and struggle of the world today."

Chasin' Meditation second edition is available now at North Metro Atlanta Barnes & Noble stores,, Apple iBooks, Kobo, and