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Former Inmate Greatly Profits from Prison Experience


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/02/2016 -- Lucky Barker is an entrepreneur aspiring for greater success, even after nearly beating a man to death as the man physically assaulted his girlfriend.

The owner of Lockdown Clothing in Tempe, Az. was only 30-years-old when he was released from prison after serving an eight-year sentence. "I am very remorseful and apologetic for what happened nearly 20-years ago," said Barker. "The person who committed that horrible act is someone I cannot identify with today."

When Barker re-entered society, he went on 22 job interviews before he was given an opportunity to work for a construction company. "I eventually left that firm to start Lockdown Clothing. The good news is that company is now one of my biggest clients."

Barker launched his business in his backyard with just $50 to his name. The name of his company serves as a reminder of his past. "I was still really immature after my release. Guys my age had opportunities to learn from their mistakes in order to grow as men. They got to learn from others who served as role models and live their lives accordingly. The people who surrounded me were cons, so the only things I learned weren't going to serve society. So my maturity level at the time of my release was probably the same as when I went to jail."

Like many start-up companies, Lockdown Clothing, has experienced many ups and downs. Barker has taken things in stride over the years and has been fortunate enough to rise above the complications. This allowed him to launch another successful company, Fierce Printing.

Some of Barker's most high profile accounts -- include Grand Canyon University, Mesa Schools, and The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. He was also asked to take part in a project for Comedian Frank Caliendo, who performed a skit for ESPN's Sunday Morning Football.

About Lucky Barker
Barker is a native of Arizona and strongly committed to charitable causes. He is spearheading many projects right now, including "Save Arizona Schools" and "Save Arizona Dogs."

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