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Former Mormon High Priest Urges Americans to Consider Risk of Electing Latter-Day Faithful As President

Former Utah City Mayor, Eddie Scott, had a harrowing personal journey into (and out of) the Mormon faith. Now, Scott is urging his fellow citizens to consider the risks of electing Mitt Romney, a Latter-Day faithful, who would lead the mightiest military in the world.


Cedar Hills, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/09/2012 -- Having served for many years as a Mormon High Priest, Eddie Scott has experienced the inner facets of the Latter-Day Saints Movement from a deeply personal angle. Now, with the release of an update to his latest book, Scott is urging Americans to become aware of the troubling beliefs the Mormon faith preaches, while considering the catastrophic impacts they could have on the country.

‘The Chosen Few’ exposes the deep-rooted beliefs that the Mormon faith holds dear; beliefs regarding the end of the world and the famed role that Latter-day Saints believe they will play in it.

“The book relates my personal journey in to and out of Mormonism, a faith which has transposed from a pop-culture phenomenon to a modern-day, mainstream movement,” explains Scott, who has also served as a prominent Utah City Mayor.

He continues, “While almost everyone knows a member of this uniquely American faith, the public at large is dangerously unaware of the movement’s deeper doctrines.”

Inviting readers to decide how much power they are willing to risk to feed Mormonism’s apocalyptic creed, The Chosen Few places focus on November’s landmark General Election, considering what placing military control into the hands of the Latter-Day Saints movement will mean for a planet that is already embroiled in deadly religious conflict.

“With the November election fast approaching, the general populous of the US should be made aware of the Mormon Millennial prophecies and how they might affect a Mormon president's decision making,” Scott adds.

Since its release, the book has garnered consistent five-star reviews.

“A very readable account of one person's entrancement and disillusionment with one of North America's most misunderstood religions. A brave personal analysis that offers a glimpse into the persuading psychology of religious faith,” says Steve, reviewing the title for Amazon.

Kim, another reader, was equally as impressed.

“It's a true story of a man’s journey into and then out of Mormonism, but it doesn't stop there. It makes you think about religion in general and the good and bad that come from it. It also asks you to think about the upcoming presidential election and the fact that a Mormon is running for president and what that might mean for the country,” she wrote.

With its critical acclaim, Scott’s account and discussion is guaranteed to grip anyone with an open mind and broad beliefs.

The Chosen Few, published by Sandal Would Press, is available now from Amazon.com.

For more information, please visit: http://www.sandalwouldpress.com

About Eddie Scott
Eddie Scott is a native of Utah, having been raised in Salt Lake City. He is a graduate of Brigham Young University and has a degree from Stanford Medical School.

At the age of fifteen, he converted to the Mormon Church and spent 20 years moving up through the ranks to become a high priest. In 1997, he became disaffected with the religion and resigned his membership.

Mr. Scott has enjoyed a diverse career which has involved owning his own clinics as well as leading a number of start-up medical companies. Recently, Mr. Scott retired from his position as an executive VP at Crocs, Inc. to become the CEO of a beverage company, Planet Party. He currently resides in Cedar Hills, Utah and is married with six children.