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Former State Food Safety Inspector Shares Food Audit Experience

Former State Food Safety Inspector Shares Food Audit Experience


Westminster, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/05/2013 -- TraceGains is inviting food manufacturers and processors to share their food audit stories. Food audits are serious business, but they are not without their mishaps.

According to Gary Nowacki, TraceGains’ CEO, “Telling these stories is cathartic. It allows people at food manufacturers and processors to finally share food audit experiences in a friendly yet anonymous setting. This is the antidote to the audit venom. We encourage and request all food safety and quality professionals to share their stress and nightmare food audit experiences.”

A former state food safety inspector recently shared one of her audit experiences, during which she visited a rural dairy farm for what she expected to be a routine inspection. The only violation was that there was some standing water on the milk-house floor that needed to be fixed right away. However, before she could finish explaining the one violation to the farmer, one of the children, about 8 years old, broke away from the group and headed for the inspector. The food safety inspector was standing in front of the door, so she shuffled to the side, expecting the child to leave.

The inspector was horrified, “Instead of leaving, the child planted both of his hands on each of my breasts and squeezed about four times. I was so taken aback; I couldn't defend myself, step away, or say anything. The farmer grabbed the kid’s arm and pulled him back from me. Needless to say, the audit ended on an interesting note.”

For the next two weeks TraceGains will collect food audit story submissions and will recognize the top 3 audit submissions with a Kindle Fire HDX 7” tablet.

The deadline for submission is December 18, 2013. Enter at:

TraceGains’ mission is to promote quality and safety within the food supply chain by offering a cloud-based, automated solution to mitigate risk, improve quality, and empower 365 Audit Ready companies. Food Safety News provides much-needed coverage of topics important to the core audience of government agency personnel and food industry leaders.

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