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Former Top Television Network Shopping Model Launches Funding Campaign and Opens Up About Toxic Injuries and Illness


West Chester, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/10/2014 -- Former top television shopping model Trina Clark launched an Indigogo campaign today to fund an ongoing battle with a toxic injury she suffered in 2009, during her 18+ year tenure on television.

"I would sit and watch hundreds of women read the ingredient labels on their food packages, the former QVC model said. "But, when it came to reading the ingredients on a product they slathered all over their bodies several times a day via multiple products with varying chemical ingredients, nobody seemed to care."

Clark became intolerant to everyday household chemicals, most indoor environments and a hyper-sensitivity to mold, dust and other environmental irritants unseen by the naked eye.

"Transparency is what it's all about," Clark said. "Most company's make it difficult to know what's in the product their selling you. That's when you have to stop, read, and think."

Clark moved over 30 times within one year looking for a safe environment to live and breathe. Once discovering first-hand how beauty and skin care products impacted her health, with help and technical donations from Mindseye Concepts based in Westchester Pa, she founded, a safer place to shop in response to the rising health, cancer and auto-immune conditions on the rise in the U.S.

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