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Formitize Introduces New Job Management App for Seamless Management

Formitize launches Job Management App – its latest solution designed to streamline business workflows for small to large businesses worldwide.


Sydney, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/12/2014 -- Global mobile app developer Formitize is pleased to announce the launch of its newest software solution designed to streamline sales processes and reporting procedures for small to large business. Job Management App joins Formitize’s highly successful suite of mobile applications used by over eighty industries in numerous countries worldwide.

Why Every Business Needs Job Management App

Every entrepreneur knows the difficulties associated with managing multiple employees and keeping track of their job descriptions and responsibilities. The human resource department – the company’s employee management arm – keeps tabs on the employees through paperwork. With an investment in job management apps, however, managing this crucial information on behalf of management becomes an entirely paperless matter.

Assigning tasks and jobs is another concern, and deals more with micromanagement. Introducing the job management software into business workflows will allow the executive staff and the various managers in the organization to achieve a multitude of capabilities never achieved before going paperless.

Job Management Resources

1. Efficient job dispatching

It is easy now for managers to assign tasks to their mobile workforce. The scheduling app simply allows them to assign pre-designed and pre-created forms that represent the tasks that their team members will be responsible for. Creating a job order for each employee and assigning it to the responsible parties will take roughly five minutes, or even less.

2. Instant reporting

Converting old paper forms into mobile forms is easy. Because of that, employees can easily create reports from scratch. The forms have an In-Form Data feature that allows the user to pull up relevant information from the database and fill the forms’ fields with that data. Report creation is totally speeded up with this capability. One can request a report from a specific employee and can definitely expect the report to be finished within a reasonable amount of time.

3. Transparent and real-time reporting

It’s not only report creation that is expedited with the use of the work schedule app. Report submission is now done in real-time. Each report submission also updates the status of each team in the Management Portal Map so that management can keep abreast of each team or employee’s progress in the field. This level of transparency has never been possible in the past decades but, thanks to the software, job management personnel can be assured that everyone is transparent about their job status and reporting.

4. Real-time access to statistics

This feature is important not only for job management, but also for managing sales figures. Because of the real-time updates made possible by real time submission, entrepreneurs can look at statistics and estimate, at a glance, how the business is doing sales-wise.

Formitize CEO Matt Burge says, “Every entrepreneur should realize that being able to introduce a means of efficiently managing the business is an important capability. Job Management represents the ideal solution for achieving the goal because of its robust set of features.”

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About Job Management App
Job Management App is used globally by job management businesses looking to improve their efficiency, ensure the compliance of their processes, and increase the professionalism and timeliness of their reporting.

Name: Matt Burge, CEO
Company Name: Formitize
Address: Unit 15, 151 Hartley Road
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