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Formitize Introduces Revolutionary Gas Fitters App

Formitize has released – Gas Fitters App – a revolutionary new paperless solution designed to increase the efficiency of gas fitters and plumbers around the world.


Sydney, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/15/2014 -- The creators of Formitize has released Gas Fitters App – a new paperless solution set to revolutionize the industry. Gas Fitters Software is designed to improve the efficiency of gasfitters and plumbers across the globe. Companies that use the app can increase their professionalism and ensure that their mobile workforce comply with their processes using paperless forms that they can open and update in real-time wherever they are.

Gas Installers App incorporates mobile forms to provide a paperless solution for the mobile workforce. Supervision of workers is done in real time with the use of Gas Fitters App to ensure that tasks are done in the correct order, and nothing is skipped. The Gas Fitters Checklist also helps bolster the productivity of field agents as they save time when gathering data from customers.

Why Use Gas Fitters App?

Gas Fitters App offers several benefits to plumbers and gasfitters. The app provides real-time monitoring, management, and storage of reports. Managers can track reports with less paperwork and their mobile workforce can generate reports instantly. During their data gathering, field agents can use voice recording, real-time tracking, and camera integration to facilitate their jobs.

Gas Fitting App is friendly to the environment. The paperless forms reduce the amount of paperwork used, which leads to less paper, toner, and printer costs. Imagine how many trees are saved by simply using the app. This amazing software will also reduce carbon footprint and make businesses more eco-friendly.

How Useful is Gas Fitters App?

Gas Fitters App enables managers in the office to assign jobs instantly and track their mobile workforce in real time. App for Gas Fitters decreases the idle time of workers and provides access to limitless smart forms using the app. The mobile forms increase the productivity of the mobile workforce because it removes mistakes in reporting. Workers on the field can create customized reports in an instant and update customer information as long as there is an internet connection.

App for Gas Fitting saves time and money through the mobile forms. It improves the workflow of companies as managers can monitor the reports in real time. They can check the Gas Fitters Checklist as soon as they are submitted by field agents. The workers can also create compliant reports and certificates in an instant.

Gas Fitters App keeps data secured in the cloud because only authorized users have access to the documents and reports. Managers in the office can send out paperless forms to the mobile workforce and the workers can upload information through the app. The management team can manage incoming and outgoing data through a safe and secure web-based management portal. While internet connection is required to upload information and mobile forms to the central cloud server, Gas Fitters Software works offline. This makes it more convenient than other web-based applications that require Internet connection all the time.

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About Gas Fitters App
Gas Fitters App is used globally by gas fitters businesses looking to improve their efficiency, ensure the compliance of their processes and improve the professionalism of their reporting.

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