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Formitize Launches Pest Management App for New Zealand's Pest Experts

Formitize releases Pest Management App in New Zealand to help pest management professionals and businesses in the country.


Sydney, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/16/2014 -- The development team and staff behind the highly successful Formitize App is pleased to announce the release of Pest Management App, a mobile solution for pest management professionals. This powerful paperless solution is designed to help make the management of pest control business a whole lot easier and more streamlined.

This Pest Management Software has already seen success for pest management experts in various other parts of the world, from the startup pest extermination company to their bigger and more established counterparts.

What is Pest Management App?

This App for Pest Management provides pest management entrepreneurs a means to achieve a 100% paperless workflow as well as a mechanism through which they can effectively monitor their mobile workforce. With the highly customizable mobile forms that the App provides the entrepreneur, he can set up a very efficient and secure system for reporting as well as data gathering using their employees’ mobile devices.

The features and the capabilities of the app can also improve the compliance and efficiency of the employees involved in the company’s pest management processes. Features such as the automated time-stamping and instant status updates in the web-based Management Portal will help managers stay up-to-date with the tasks and availability of each of their teams working in the field.

Finally, the Pest Management System is designed to be seamlessly integrated with existing database and information control systems in the pest management company. Data from the App can be accessed and are supported by more than 200 third party software providers. Not only is the App efficient, secure, and transparent, it is also highly flexible.

Specific Features of the App that Can Benefit Businesses

A pest control company will have specific needs that form the basis of the ideal solution for the business. Formitize has equipped Pest Management App with these capabilities:

1. Photo uploading and tagging

Pest management is an evolving business. Formitize recognized that and has made sure that the App supports photo uploading and tagging. If your team has run across an interesting specimen that you would want to have a record of, they can take a snapshot, upload to the Portal, and tag it accordingly.

2. Resources E-Library

Pest management experts constantly need to keep themselves informed in various pest species. The Resources E-Library feature allows pest exterminators on the field to do their own research using the mobile devices. Simply upload all relevant information into the Library, and your field teams can easily find the information they need right at their fingertips.

3. Job Dispatcher

The pest management business deals with sudden emergency requests for assistance. The Job Dispatcher enables managers to assign new jobs and update existing ones and then send the smart forms pre-filled to the mobile workforce so they can complete their tasks, all in real time.

Formitize CEO Matt Burge says, “Various pest managers worldwide have already benefited from the capabilities of Formitize’s new Pest Management Solution provides managers with Job Dispatcher capabilities that make it possible for them to easily insert jobs into the day’s queue. This improves productivity across all business areas, making everyone’s jobs so much easier than before.”

Discover how Pest Management App can bring success for pest management companies in New Zealand. Take our tour now!

About Pest Management App
Pest Management App is used by pest management businesses in New Zealand looking to improve their efficiency, ensure the compliance of their processes and improve the professionalism of their reporting.

Name: Matt Burge, CEO
Company Name: Formitize
Address: Unit 15, 151 Hartley Road
Smeaton Grange
Sydney, Australia
Telephone: +61 1300 552 008