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Formitize Launches the Small Business App for Efficient Business Management


Sydney, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/16/2014 -- The originators of Formitize – an effective app that has enriched businesses worldwide – has launched The Small Business App. This Apps for Business provides a paperless solution that will address possible problems to keep small business operations running as smoothly and as efficiently as possible. This powerful app has integrated features built into mobile forms that users can dispatch as jobs to any mobile workforce wherever, whenever.

Benefits in Going Paperless

The Small Business converts all organizational documentation into mobile forms, which are kept in a web-based portal, instead of tangible storage furniture for paper. The mobile forms also cut back employee effort and time on organising and finding old paper forms since they can be virtually consolidated in a reliable, user-friendly online database.

The result of a colossal amount of paper used in a business operation for one day is an enormous size of waste, which has damaging consequences on the environment. Even businesses supporting recycled waste management may still cause some adverse effects on the environment. If a business wishes to be Mother Earth-friendly and wants to shrink costs on printing, it should think about shifting to a paperless work environment using the Apps for Business.

Here are three features that make The Small Business App ideal for organization specifications:

1. Lookup - This is an extremely important feature allowing a field agent to search the online database, obtain crucial information, and integrate that data into the form. Scan a barcode or manually enter a field and product information, pricing and product images will be brought into the mobile forms automatically.

2. Action Triggers - Super smart integration enables action triggers that email instant notifications if a particular answer is provided and automatically send contact details to marketing if a new account is opened. It also sends a warning notification to the Quality Manager if a fault is detected. This automation enhances response times.

3. Job Creator - Create a new Job, distribute the forms required, set the scheduled time and date, and then add any notes. Jobs will appear on mobile device with all known information pre-populated. When sending multiple forms, the ‘Common Fields’ section appears showing the items that only need to be entered once.

Customers are really excited about The Small Business The CEO Labour Recruitment Business states, “Like everybody else in our industry, the paperwork has always been a constant headache for our business. Labour Hire App has had a transformational impact in not just getting rid of the paper but, just as importantly, delivering a level of compliance that just wasn’t possible before.”

Formitize CEO Matt Burge says, “The paperless element of the The Small Business App can notably equip any organization with more versatility and competence. Using The Small Business App is vital for the expansion of companies in the small business industry.”

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About The Small Business App
The Small Business App is used globally by The Small Business businesses looking to improve their efficiency, ensure the compliance of their processes and increase the professionalism and timeliness of their reporting.

Name: Matt Burge, CEO
Company Name: Formitize

Address: Unit 15, 151 Hartley Road
Smeaton Grange
Sydney, Australia

Telephone: +61 1300 552 008