Seo Experts Enlightens Readers on How Forklift Safety App Can Save Thousands of Dollars for Businesses Worldwide

Forklift Safety App is an affordable way to ensure safety at the workplace as it helps ensure compliance with Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) policies.


Sydney, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/17/2014 -- Aussie Furniture retailer Super-A Mart was recently hit with a $30,000 fine following the injury of two employees caused by overloading of equipment and poor judgment. According to a report from, the Perth Magistrates Court handed down the fine after Super-A Mart pleaded guilty to a charge of failing to provide and maintain a safe work environment.

The two Super-A Mart employees tried to load furniture off a set of large metal shelves onto an elevated work platform. However, the equipment collapsed because they overloaded it by at least 532 kilograms. The two staff also did not have proper training regarding the equipment; one of them does not have the appropriate licence to operate the equipment whilst the other just got his licence the previous day. Officials claim that this could have been avoided with proper compliance of Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) policies and regulations.

How Forklift Safety Helps

Using Forklift Safety App’s forklift safety checklist may have prevented the accident from ever happening. The forklift app provides paperless records and documentation management for forklift safety and maintenance, including safety checklist, daily checklist, operators checklist, licence checks, process and risk audit, accident / incident report, and maintenance checklist.

Because the app for forklifts makes paperwork paperless, filling out the necessary documents such as the forklift safe operating procedure and the forklift safety checklist becomes easy, fast, and completely accurate. This app for forklift safety provides paperless forms and reports that are instantly accessible with or without Internet connection. These mobile forms are all backed up with real-time reporting.

Who Can Benefit from the App for Forklift Safety?

Managers and business owners who work with heavy equipment on a daily basis can benefit a lot from using Forklift Safety App because it simplifies documentation and compliance of OH&S regulations. By removing unwanted paperwork and promoting a paperless environment, this forklift inspection app makes management of company data more accurate and hassle-free. This powerful app also saves time and money as the mobile workforce can complete the necessary checklists and generate paperless reports anywhere on site using almost any smart phone or tablet.

Clients are impressed with the results they are getting from Forklift Safety App. Chris Dobson, Managing Director of Exalt Group in Sydney, Australia says, “Forklift Safety App is a great tool for our business. The daily checklists are simple for the drivers to complete, the maintenance records provide a great paperless process, and the safety checks provide the compliance and peace of mind we have been searching for. A great all-in-one solution.”

Formitize CEO Matt Burge says, “Safety Compliance is a big deal now as this fine indicates and it will become even more important as time goes by. It is critical that management protect themselves and the safety of their employees. Forklift Safety App is a really inexpensive way to provide genuine peace of mind. It is simple to use with all the mobile forms readily accessible and importantly, a secure archive of all activities.”

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Forklift Safety App is used globally by any business that employs forklift drivers to provide a complete safety checklist and record keeping solution for forklift drivers and the forklifts themselves.

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