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San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/13/2013 -- The founders had a restaurant for 3 years, and based on their experience of trying to find an experienced partner, a good chef or last minute staff, the idea to create a platform for the Food & Hospitality Industry began to pop up.

Finding a job these days isn’t easy, and it’s even harder for those who dream of being top chefs like Jamie Oliver or who wish to someday own a sought-after guesthouse in the Mediterranean, but we want to make it easier to reach your goals at

On our new website, everyone from the aspiring chef to the creative entrepreneur will be able to find the jobs and business opportunities they want in the locations they desire.

We are currently accepting registration for our private beta.

A Job Search Site Like No Other
At, our goal is to help you find and get jobs faster than ever before. If you are tired of constantly checking other job boards and websites, you can do away with all of them and instead focus your efforts on Forq, where you will get even the most last-minute jobs in your area so that you never lose out on an important opportunity that could change your life.

Internships within your community, which can serve as stepping-stones to the career you have always wanted, can also be found easily and quickly on Forq. And if you need a mentor from anywhere in the world, you can find him or her right on Forq as well.

If you’re dream is to be the boss, on the other hand, Forq can help too! Find business partners, businesses for sale, and get funding for your new venture. Or, if you want to sell your current business so that you can move on to bigger and better things, you can post your listing and get it sold sooner.

How It Works – A Step-by-Step Guide to Forq

For the Job Hunter:
Set up an account on Forq so that you can showcase your creative resume that is focused on the culinary and hospitality fields. No more having to deal with being treated like an IT or administrative candidate. The only opportunities on Forq are the ones that you want, and the employers on Forq are looking for people just like you!

Search for employment in these fields by sorting your options by location, skills and tags. Plus get access to real-time and urgent jobs in your area. Imagine finding a job opening that needs to be filled immediately and being able to apply right on the spot so that you can nail that job the same day. With Forq, anything is possible!

Use the Forq iOS/Android App to receive notifications right to your phone with new job openings, and use it to apply as soon as you find an opportunity so that you don’t waste any time.

For the Entrepreneur:
Forq isn’t just for finding jobs. If you want to make your own way in the food and hospitality industries, our site can help you buy or sell your restaurant or hotel, find partners that you can work with to fulfill your aspirations, and even get some much-needed help in funding your new restaurant, bar, hostel, food cart, etc.

Stay up-to-date on the latest postings with the Forq iOS/Android App so you never miss a great chance to move your career forward.

Professional Profiles:
Whether you’re a job seeker, an aspiring chef, someone who wants to open up their own hotel or food service, or a business owner in need of great talent, Forq provides a comprehensive list of professionals so that you have access to their social profiles, blogs, location, and more. This will make it simple to find the right people to work with to fulfill your goals in the restaurant and hospitality industries.

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