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Fort Lauderdale Attorney Arthur Rice Appears on "Saving America's Heroes" in Honor of Memorial Day


Fort Lauderdale, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/17/2014 -- Prominent Fort Lauderdale Attorney Arthur Rice appears on "Saving America's Heroes," with award -winning reporter and war correspondent, Tim Malloy. As part of the program, Rice boards a C17 flight on a 16 hour flight to Afghanistan, to visit with the troops.

45 years ago, Army First Lieutenant Art Rice was severely injured by AK-47 fire when he was piloting his Cayuse helicopter in Vietnam. Shrapnel destroyed an major artery in his right leg and it was not able to be saved. However this did not deter Rice from returning to the air in a Blackhawk in Afghanistan during a war conflict that is still not over.

When asked about possibly having post-traumatic stress disorder when he initially returned seriously injured from the Vietnam War, Rice notes that "war changes you and life experience like that can't but help change you. War is bound to have a different effect on different people but it has an effect on everyone. It just differs from person to person."

In honor of the 7809 soldiers have died and 60,000 injured in the Iraq/Afghanistan war, Rice hopes his trip sends a heartfelt message to all Americans. "You know it is always nice to hear thanks. All the great things that we have, everything that we enjoy in the United States, that we take for granted every single day, especially the things we enjoy on this Memorial Day Holiday we owe to the troops who put their life on the line every day for us and who permit us to enjoy those things.

I think everybody should take a moment and just reflect on the fact that if it wasn't for these people who are willing to put themselves out there like that each and every day of each and every year, this might be a different situation that we'd be in and we wouldn't all be having such a wonderful holiday."

The Series "Saving America's Heroes" can be seen at this address: http://rprslaw.com/ariceinafghanistan.htm.

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