Professional Marine Realty Helps Businesses Build a Better Bottom Line

Professional Marine Realty of Fort Lauderdale helps sell marinas and other pleasure boating business at the top price.


Fort Lauderdale, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/30/2013 -- According to Richard Graves “Our marina business brokerage now offers our clients “Turnaround Management”. Our objective is revamping an existing business for sale that is under-performing due to poor financial management and marketing. Unlike traditional management companies, as the selling broker, our main objective is to maximize the net operating income as quickly as possible. Our main goal is to sell the business – at the best possible price.”

Turnaround management is a relatively new concept in the marina business. But in this era of rapid, painful change, this is a service that is becoming more and more important. Increasing competition and shifting markets have created a climate when no business can take economic stability for granted.

The crews at Professional Marine are not just experienced business brokers; with over 70 years of combined experience in managing and marketing marinas and other pleasure boating businesses -- we know the business intimately. Our on-site marina management and marketing experience combined with our contacts within the industry gives us the ability to maximize the potential marketable worth of a marina or other pleasure boating related business for sale in the shortest possible time.

As turnaround specialist we enter a business with a fresh eye, knowledge and skills and enjoy complete objectivity. We are able to spot problems and create new solutions that may not be visible to the business insiders simply because the latter are too close to the subject.

As a turnaround manager we have no political agenda or other obligations to bias the decision making process, allowing us to take sometimes unpopular, yet necessary, steps required for improving the businesses bottom line.

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