Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon Offers Advanced Non-Surgical Procedures


Fort Lauderdale, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/01/2014 -- Dr. Todd Sawisch, a renowned Fort Lauderdale plastic surgeon, recently announced that their practice is also offering non-surgical cosmetic procedures for its patients. This is welcome news for many patients who are reluctant to “come under the knife”. Usually, the facelift Fort Lauderdale patents receive is excellent, but some still prefer non-invasive procedures.

One technique involves the use of growth factors from the patient’s own plasma which encourage and accelerate tissue regeneration. This technique is also used in surgical operations as a healing technique in order to recue scarring.

Another technique involves the use of stem cells coming from the placenta of live, healthy donors. The effectiveness of this technique has been proven and documented. Its use is also effective in a wide variety of surgical operations such as the plastic surgery Fort Lauderdale patients get.

Dr. Todd Sawisch is the only maxillofacial surgeon in south Florida who uses amniotic stem cells for facial plastic surgery and facial rejuvenation procedures. He also performs regular surgical operations for eyelids and cheeks. Chins and lips can be enhanced, and rhinoplasty procedures are common as well. The facelift Fort Lauderdale patients receive is superb as well.

About Dr. Sawisch
For many years now, patients at the facilities of Dr. Todd Sawisch have enjoyed more youthful looks as a result of their medical skills and expertise in anti-aging medical treatments. The practice is led by a dedicated team of surgeons and a compassionate group of support personnel. Its facilities are also state of the art. What differentiates Dr. Sawisch from the rest of the industry is their wonderful relaxing atmosphere, in which the setting is more like a spa than a surgeon’s operating room. The plastic surgery Fort Lauderdale patients experience is not just effective, but utterly relaxing as well.

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