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Fort Myers Doctor Announces Weight Loss Campaign to Help Support Local Food Bank

Dr Dareld Morris is encouraging residents of Fort Myers to support a local food bank by offering a complimentary weight loss solution that addresses the most crucial aspects of weight loss to ensure patients remain healthy and keep the weight off. For more info visit


Fort Myers, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/26/2016 -- Dr Dareld Morris, a Fort Myers Doctor specializing in medical weight management, is announcing a new event to mobilize residents in the Southwest Florida area to support a local food bank.

Recent reports have indicated that an increasing number of families in the Southwest Florida area are struggling to meet their most basic needs, particularly food. It is for this reason that Dr. Morris is engaging the community to participate by making a donation to the Harry Chapin Food Bank.

"It's important for us to make every effort to care for each other, and if I can get the community to support the less fortunate while improving their personal health, then that's exactly what I'll do," he said in recent interview with Doctor Relations.

At the same time, Dr. Morris is passionate about healthy weight loss. For over 20 years, Dr. Morris has helped patients to lose weight without harmful medications nor surgery.

According to him, most people are unaware that the method they use to lose weight has far reaching implications for their health way after they have lost the weight. Wrong unnatural weight loss methods make it difficult to keep the weight off, and in most case, a person will gain even more weight afterwards.

Dr. Morris advises natural ways of weight loss through improvement of the metabolism rate.

"Weight loss without improving your metabolism is a dead-end because it is impossible for most of use to permanently sustain a restrictive diet and exercise," he said.

Dr. Morris advises the improvement of metabolism rate to attain better energy, mental focus, weight and libido.

With a donation to the Harry Chapin Food Bank through Dr. Morris' office, the first 50 Fort Myers residents that inquire will get a free weight loss consultation, which includes a metabolism analysis from Dr. Morris that would otherwise cost them $295.

From the consultation, contributors will be able to identify the best weight loss methods for their bodies that will stop the roller-coaster ride of weight loss and weight gain. Patients with other health conditions, including diabetes and heart disease, will find the program particularly helpful in improving their overall health while helping them lose weight.

For more information on Dr. Morris' campaign, please visit his website

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