Fortune Cookie Promotions Attracts Attention With an Innovative Fortune Cookie Advertising Strategy


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/02/2012 -- Chinese food is one of the most popular kinds of food in the U.S. For many people, the best part about eating Chinese food is getting to crack open a cookie revealing a hidden message at the end of the meal.

Fortune cookies are a staple of the Chinese food culture in America, and the messages that come out of these treats are always bound to make a big impact. Diners usually share their messages with friends, proudly reading them out loud at the table. This is a social experience that millions of people enjoy on a regular basis, and now there is one company that is transforming this experience into an advertising opportunity for businesses.

This company is called Fortune Cookie Promotions, and it is revolutionizing the advertisement landscape by offering a unique service that allows advertisers to place ads on the messages inside of custom fortune cookies.

“Our company has discovered a rare untapped niche market within the advertising industry, that for a myriad of reasons others don’t have the ability to enter successfully. Because of the highly established psychological relationship that the fortune cookie holds in the mind of the American culinary consumer, responses to your customized marketing message will literally double or triple what can be expected from more traditional forms of advertising,” explains Fortune Cookie Promotions.

This is one of the most creative new advertising strategies that a business can participate in, and Fortune Cookie Promotions ensures that its network of Chinese restaurant will get promotional messages out to a large target audience. The company has partnerships with over 13,000 Chinese restaurants across the country, allowing businesses to request custom fortune cookie advertisements that are distributed in targeted areas.

This form of advertising has been shown to be over seven times more effective than TV advertising and also twice as effective as online advertising.

Advertisers can read more about the possibilities of advertising through fortune cookies at the Fortune Cookie Promotions website. There, they can discover all the benefits offered by this form of advertisement and see testimonials from a plethora of businesses.

Clients can even design their custom fortune cookie strips and place their orders right on the website.

By visiting, businesses can learn how to participate in this new advertising trend.

About Fortune Cookie Promotions
Fortune Cookie Promotions is an advertising company that is the first of its kind. The company creates custom fortune cookie advertisements that are distributed to Chinese restaurants in target areas selected by the advertisers. As one of the most unique forms of marketing available today, fortune cookie advertising can attract hundreds of thousands of potential customers in ways that other methods of advertising cannot.

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