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Popular SEO Firm Offers Forum Profile Links

Ribbun Software, A Popular SEO Firm, Has Recently Launched A New Service To Create Forum Profile Links


Jaipur, Rajasthan -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/04/2012 -- Ribbun Software is a popular SEO firm that offers a diverse range of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services. The company constantly introduces new services to its lineup to stay in touch with modern SEO trends. The latest service it launches will now allow it to create forum profile links for its clients.

Forum profile links, as the name suggests, are links created toward a target website on a social media forum. With this new service, SEO experts at Ribbun will identify forums with a high Page and Alexa Rank. The Page Rank of the forum website gives an idea of the search engine authority provided by the link. The Alexa Rank of the website allows the experts at Ribbun Software to determine the number of visitors who would see the link that has been created. This two-pronged method ensures that the forum profile links being built contain enough link juice for increasing the target website’s search engine results page rank, and that they are visible to a large target audience.

Ribbun Software utilizes the power of social media forums with high page ranks and traffic levels in order to help clients gain greater visibility on search engines and gain exposure to a considerable audience. The targeted websites include membership forums as well as public forums. Ribbun spokesperson Mr. Mohit says, “Not many people know this, but online forums are among the most active websites on the internet. They hold an important position along with social networking websites. In fact, web forums can also be grouped under social media websites. This kind of influence on traffic and search engines should not be ignored, which is why we have offered to make forum profile links for our clients.”

The forum profile links will be created by Ribbun’s in-house SEO experts after creating a profile on selected online forums, and then adding the link to that target website to the anchor text in the profile. Any subsequent post in that forum will provide visitors a chance to click on the link and visit the target website. When the websites are chosen wisely, such forum profile links can increase the search engine results page rank of a target website to the top.

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