FOSJOAS Electric Self-Balancing Unicycle Is Launched


Shenzhen, Guangdong -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/01/2015 -- With the advent of the self-balancing electric scooter, an increasing number of people choose this new means of transportation which subverts the traditional commute. FOSJOAS electric scooter enjoys widespread popularity with its high value for money.

In today's world, the road is full of shuttling cars, automobiles and bicycles, etc. The sprout of the self-balancing electric scooter changes people's concept of travel and brings high value for money to people. FOSJOAS electric scooter does very well in saving money for riders.

Compared with automobiles, FOSJOAS electric scooter is powered by electricity so it skips trips to petrol station. In Asian market, the price of American NYMEX crude oil(WTI) is $ 47.84 per barrel in July, 2015. The petrol per barrel is around $ 172. A barrel equals 159 liters. Theoretically, when an ordinary car runs 100 miles, it consumes around 8 liters of petrol, equal to $ 8.7. However, FOSJOAS electric scooter consumers only 2kW.h for traveling 100 miles ,which equals $ 0.18. Therefore, automobiles cost around 48 times that of electric scooter as for motive power. What's more, the auto's maintenance and insurance fee is much higher than the electric scooter. Choosing FOSJOAS electric scooter is choosing a cost-effective way of life, especially for those who do not need to travel long way.

Besides, FOSJOAS two-wheeled electric scooter has a longer battery life compared with traditional electro-mobiles. According to a survey, the battery lifespan of traditional electro-mobile is around 1 year to 1.5 years. As for FOSJOAS electric scooter, the average battery life is 5 years. That is because high energy and high quality core guarantee durability and stability at low temperature. Meanwhile, high discharge rate greatly reduces the number of charging and discharging cycles, thus extending battery life to 5 years. FOSJOAS's new product U3 uses the Panasonic lithium battery and only takes 8 hours to be fully charged and the power capacity is 680wh. Both the energy efficiency and lifespan is enhanced to ensure safe and enduring travel experience. Obviously, in the long run, FOSJOAS will pay for itself.

As a responsible company, FOSJOAS is committed to developing high quality and cost-effective products for customers.

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