FOSJOAS K3 Electric Unicycle - The Necessary Transport for Milky Tea Store


Shenzhen, Guangdong -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/18/2015 -- Due to fierce competition, it is hard to run a milky tea store with satisfactory revenue. The tea store can increase its sales and profits by delivering take-out food. FOSJOAS K3 will be the best assist for those entrepreneur.

Nowadays, many people choose to run a milky store to be the boss of themselves rather than working in a room as officers. However, running a milky store is not as easy as we assumed. The competition is fierce and many potential customers may form customer loyalty of several certain brands. How can entrepreneur break this situation? Take-out delivery is the solution. Which kind of vehicle should be elected also puzzles the entrepreneur. FOSJOAS K3 is recommended not only due to its strong power, but due to its small size and good load capacity.

Office workers are always the target customers for taking out delivery who always work in skyscrapers or high floors. It is not convenient to park motorcycle around those tall buildings since the space is narrow. FOSJOAS K3 takes up small space, only 0.5 square meter to park. Delivery drivers can park the self-balancing electric scooter in the hall, which save time of looking for parking place.

Some will worry that the FOSJOAS K3 will be out of power easily since its small size determines the small size of battery. FOSJOAS K3 equips with imported Sony lithium battery with longer life and stronger power. The electric scooter can ride for a long time and it takes shorter time to charge fully. It is unnecessary to worry about the electric scooter lacking of power.

Nowadays, the take-out service becomes increasing popular due to its convenience, and an increasing number of customers choose to order the milky tea through cell phone APP. The FOSJOAS K3 can be controlled by cell phone APP to knock or start. Besides, the APP can also control the speed of FOSJOAS K3 through the APP. So it is safer and easier for delivery drivers to check the order on APP and control the scooter at the same time.

Riding the electric scooter to deliver milky tea and get the order at the same time, FOSJOAS K3 will be the best assist for the entrepreneur who runs the milky tea store.

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