FOSJOAS V6 One-Wheel Scooter for Riding Is Introduced


Shenzhen, Guangdong -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/02/2015 -- Summer is always moist and hot which annoys many people. Some will be upset or easy to be angered by the trifles while others may feel depressed. Maybe walking at night is a good way to relax, however, it is likely to sweat or even suffer heat stroke due to the high temperature. FOSJOAS V6 will take riders to enjoy the summer night without walking in the high temperature.

Jemmy is an office worker who always works in the office room with air conditioner, he cannot tolerate the high temperature outside in summer. However, staying in the room with air conditioner for a long time is not good for health, so Jemmy decides to walk outside at night as a kind of exercise. However, Jemmy finds he will be sweat and out of breath after a short distance of walking. FOSJOAS V6 can encourage Jemmy to enjoy the summer night and exercise at the same time.

FOSJOAS electric unicycle can exercise the rider through standing and changing the posture to control the one-wheeled electric scooter. This is suitable for some office workers as Jemmy, who needs exercise while do not developing the habit. So they must exercise from the primary stage while standing is not a kind of strenuous exercise. Jemmy can ride V6 to travel around more than one hour rather than twenty-minute walking. As a result, Jemmy is willing to spend more leisure time on exercise since it is not hard for him as well as enjoying the night wind.

FOSJOAS V6 is also equipped with the sound to play music with high quality. Besides, the sound can also connect with the cell phone by wireless which enables users to play the music or song of the phone. The self-balancing electric scooter also sets up three protecting mechanisms such as speed limit protection, slant protection and low battery protection to improve the safety of both riders and pedestrians as well as extend the life-span of the electric unicycle.

Jemmy rides FOSJOAS V6 to exercise every day, and he becomes more and more healthy. Those who want to exercise and enjoy the summer wind, just get a FOSJOAS V6 to lead a new lifestyle.

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