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Fostering Children: Changing Lives for Many


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/23/2013 -- Today more and more people are looking for ways to improve the quality of their working lives or to start a new career doing something they are better suited to. For those who like to stay at home and are looking to find ways to start a new career with reasonable income, fostering can be the right choice. For those interested in this job, wanting to learn the ins and outs of the fostering world and to find which fostering agencies are best, help is available at

Becoming a foster carer requires commitment and love for children; it is a job dedicated to upbringing children in the right way, in order to make them turn in to responsible adults, and currently there are 8000 vacancies for new careers in the United Kingdom. Although many foster carers choose to look after children from time to time, such as respite or short term foster carers, there is a national shortage of foster carers who can be available full time and the more available foster carers are, the more fostering placements will be offered. At, aspiring foster care professionals can find information on what this job can pay, how to start fostering, what are the requirements to be good at the job, assessments for new career opportunities, types of fostering possible, how to find the right reference and checks along with legal requirements, and much more.

“A fostering career can be short term or lifelong. Foster carers, choose the service they want to provide which suits their family circumstances and the income they are looking to receive. Independent Fostering Agencies provide fees of approximately £400 per foster child per week and Local Authorities use the National Allowance Rates but also have other specialised rates”, says an expert. “However, only look at fostering as a solution if you wish to care for children. Find out about how to apply to become a foster carer, the fostering payments, allowances and the different types of fostering to choose from. We help people interested in fostering children to act on the Government's advice to contact more than one Fostering Agency if you are interested in a fostering career”, she adds.

Every day in the UK there are around eight thousand vacancies for new foster carers. This shortfall reduces the chances of finding the most suitable foster care professional for foster children. Any increase in foster carer numbers would improve children's chances of successful foster care experiences. All foster carers are paid to care for children placed with them. Unless carers receive over fifty thousand pounds a year, payments are usually not taxed and any Benefits they receive are generally not affected.

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