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Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/27/2014 -- Recent industry estimates put the cost of repairing and sealing a busted foundation at around $10,000 and going as high as $40,000, with water seeping through concrete, settling in basements and sprouting mold the main culprits. According to Richard Kay, spokesman for Foundation Repair Houston Helpers (, water weakens the foundation, causing the walls of the foundation to crack, settle and cause havoc to the rest of the house. Says Kay, "The highly unstable soil due to gumbo clay and alternating drought/wet weather conditions causes frequent expansion and contraction of the soil, and this is a home foundation’s worst nightmare."

Kay goes on to say the best way to avoid an extremely costly repair is to keep water far away from the foundation when the home. "When the home is construction phases, make sure the foundation is sloped away from the house, otherwise the water from the rain will pool around foundation, exploiting any structural weakness that seeps its way into the house." He goes on to suggest that clogged gutters and downspurts are also spots sure to cause trouble. He advises homeowners to make sure rain can flow from the roof into gutters and down the spouts away from the house.

Numerous problems indicate there's a problem with a foundation, including tilting floors, cracks in the ceiling, or exterior bricks displaying cracks. Kay states most of the foundation repair companies in Houston customers encounter will talk about their experience, satisfied customers, and strong guarantees. "It’s hard for you, as a consumer, to see how any of the companies that offer this service are different just from words on a website or in a video." For that reason, he advises customers have at least three experts come out to a home to evaluate the situation.

With this in mind, Foundation Repair Houston Helpers ( is now offering a free, no-obligation consultation to homeowners concerned about the future of their foundations. Explains Kay, "Have an expert see if your home’s foundation is in need of repair, or if foundation repairs really are even necessary. The good news is many times they’re not. Ignoring minor foundation issues today may lead to bigger, more costly repairs down the road. So, contact us through our online form ( and claim your free consultation today."

About Foundation Repair Houston Helpers
Foundation Repair Houston Helpers provides an honest, no-obligation, free evaluation to homeowners who suspect their Houston home may have significant foundation problems. If there is a foundation problem and repairs are needed, they will provide a free estimate on what it will take to correct the issues along with what the cost will be to do it.