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Foundation Repair Houston Helpers Reveals Signs of Possible Foundation Damage

Cracks in walls and sticky doors indicate a need to have a house inspected for foundation problems, reports Foundation Repair Houston Helpers


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/23/2014 -- When people spot cracks in their floors, cracks in their walls, or notice that their doors aren't swinging right anymore, it's normal for them to fear foundation problems. This, however, isn't always the cause of such issues. According to Foundation Repair Houston Helpers, there can be multiple causes of all of these things. Therefore, the first thing to do is get an inspection to find out what's really going on.

"There are quite a few things that can cause problems that seem like the foundation is involved," said Richard Kay of Foundation Repair Houston Helpers. "Cracks in the walls, for example, can be caused by improper drywall installation, water damage, or even someone pushing a heavy piece of furniture into the wall with excessive force."

"Another problem that often causes people to assume that the foundation is damaged is cracking in the floor of an attached garage," he went on. "However, this could just mean that too much weight was put onto that part of the slab. In that case, the actual foundation is almost always fine, and a simple patch will restore the floor. That's why our site recommends that people always get an inspection before assuming that foundation work is necessary."

The site,, doesn't just recommend a single inspection. It advises homeowners to get three inspections and estimates from different companies, and notes that if work is believed to be needed, each company is likely to present a different plan for repairs. Surprisingly, it also mentions the possibility that some foundation problems may not be threats to the homeowner's family or to the house.

"Some foundation issues aren't expected to get worse over time or actually make a difference to a house's structural integrity," Kay noted. "That doesn't mean that they shouldn't be fixed, but it changes the situation from being an emergency to being a condition that can be dealt with in due time."

When foundation damage is found, there are many ways to deal with it. Often, different companies will have different opinions about which way is best, but will, of course, argue that their preferred method is the one to use. Homeowners will need to get multiple inspections and estimates and then choose the one that sounds the most sensible.

"It's always a good idea to get an inspection if any cracks, door troubles, or sloping floors are noticed," said Kay, "because these can very well mean foundation problems. If they're found, our methods usually involve piers, anchors, or jacks. We believe that Houston's geography is not suitable for simple pumped sand and similar measures. Something needs to be put in that will stay in place despite expansion, contraction, and heavy rains." More information can be found at

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