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Foundation Repair Los Angeles Is Giving FREE Inspections All over LA


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/05/2018 -- Foundation Repair Los Angeles is offering to undertake free foundation inspections in homes and business premises all over Los Angeles. This service is applicable or ideal for property owners who suspect that their foundation may been damaged by a storm or a quake and are within the Los Angeles region.

"After an especially heavy storm or strong quake, one's foundation is bound to have some form of damage. Even if this damage is minimal, such as hairline cracks, it is important to have the experts check it out," said the chief contractor. "Foundation damage is probably one of the leading causes of a building being declared unfit to be occupied. In order to avoid such a scenario, we have taken it upon ourselves to conduct free inspections. When we come around to inspect your foundation, we will look out for any key weaknesses brought about by storm or quake damage. After that we offer clients free consults where we provide options that are available to strengthen their foundation."

Additionally, the inspectors will check for any signs of dampness or corrosion of the bolts and steel parts of the foundation. The chief contractor adds that they ensure to carry out a rigorous inspection and will not miss any sign of wear and tear. Different forms of damage will require different approaches to repair. One of the approaches that the company uses is the top cripple bracing. The other approach is house bolting which offers exterior stability to the structure.

Foundation repairs cost investors and property owners thousands of dollars every year. A damaged foundation makes for a weak building or structure and could even cause its collapse. Furthermore, a damaged foundation is one of the leading causes of the growth of mildew and mold. If one suspects that their foundation may have suffered some damage after a storm or quake, an inspection could help them identify the issue earlier on.

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Foundation Repair Los Angeles is a domestic and commercial foundation retrofitting specialist. In collaboration with FEMA and local building authorities, Foundation Repair Los Angeles (FRLA) provides services such as top cripple wall bracing, seismic retrofitting, pier installation, and house bolting. The firm operates in the counties of Ventura, Orange, Los Angeles, and surrounding areas.

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