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Foundation Repair Pros Pioneers New Approach to Minimize Need for Costly Repairs

New approach used by Foundation Repair Pros overhauls repair evaluation process


Fort Worth, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/09/2014 -- Foundation Repair Pros proudly offers a free evaluation for commercial and residential customers concerned about the need for foundation repairs. Property owners typically see signs of foundation damage in the form of cracks, doors which no longer open correctly, or uneven floors. When this is the case, many questions may arise, and the free evaluation works to address these questions.

"Does homeowners insurance cover foundation repair? This is often the first question on the property owner's mind when he or she detects a potential foundation repair. In some cases, the answer is yes, yet certain conditions must be met. One must have an accidental discharge and foundation repair special policy endorsement. If one does not, other conditions must be met so the best way to handle this is to contact the insurance company directly and discuss the steps which need to be taken to determine if repairs are covered. Foundation Repair Pros cannot answer this question for the client, yet can be of help if a foundation repair expert needs to be called in," James Hilder, spokesperson for Foundation Repair Pros, explains.

In those situations where the repairs will not be covered by insurance, homeowners worry that are looking at tens of thousands of dollars in repairs. "Following on the heels of the insurance coverage question, many homeowners have a second one they wish to have answered. How much does foundation repair cost? The free evaluation helps to answer this questions as many variables come into play. The technician examines the foundation to determine the type, looks at ponding and the degree of settling, and examines the crawl space, if present. Only when all unique characteristics of the property are factored in can this question be answered," Hilder continues.

Services offered through Foundation Repair Pros include leak detection, drainage solutions, pier and beam, root barriers, house on grade, and house leveling. Residential customers appreciate the free evaluation and quick response of the company. Solutions tend to be affordable and clients receive a lifetime transferable warranty. Commercial clients appreciate similar features along with independent engineering.

"Ask about the discounts offered. Military and seniors receive these discounts. Others find they can take advantage of bank financing, or all major credit cards are accepted. Don't risk further damage to the property. Contact Foundation Repair Pros today and set up the free evaluation. Once problem areas are detected, affordable solutions may be discussed. Small problems tend to become major ones if not handled quickly. Don't let this happen as the evaluation is free, and it provides a better idea of the problem to be addressed," Hilder states.

About Foundation Repair Pros
Foundation Repair Pros specializes in offering residential and commercial customers solutions when it comes to failing foundations. The company works every day to repair settling, cracked, broken, sagging, sinking, bowed, and pushed-in basements and foundations to ensure the safety of the structure. The team brings years of experience to each job, providing state-of-the-art professionally engineered products and systems along with top-notch technical expertise. Foundation Repair Pros remains committed to 100 percent customer satisfaction with every job.