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Foundation Repair Service Helps Homeowners Save Money on Unnecessary Spending


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/26/2014 -- Foundation repair has become a common resort taken by homeowners, as an attempt to increase the longevity of their homes. By making this move, people do not have to renovate their homes or rebuild it after decades. The common practice also owes its credit to the affordability of the service nowadays.

Companies like Weinstein Construction Corp offers not just repair services but also unbiased inspection service to over 65,000 homes. It has been estimated that the houses built in the last decade or any house sloppily built cannot stand for more than 5 decades. Foundation repair companies have been reinforcing the foundation structure in older homes with little or no rebar embedded into the ground. This effort has made many homes last longer and even outstand earthquakes and violent storms. The foundation repair has become even more frequent with the scare of earthquakes and other natural calamities that has been wrecking homes around Los Angeles and South California. Companies have ensured that properly reinforced homes can last up to 75 to 150 years depending on the condition of the ground underneath the house.

Homeowners need to have a reliable company check the grounds properly before making any decision about whether or not they will repair the foundation of their homes. With a professional inspection, either the project will be postponed for some more years or done on a bigger scale than anticipated.

Experts say that this uncertainty is due to the combined force of the soil, saturation level, and other things affecting the environment besides the build and make of the house. By examining other important elements like water penetration capacity of the soil, saturation of back fill around the house, growth of tree roots, etc, experts will be able to determine whether homeowners should go ahead with the project. This will also help people save money from unnecessary spending. For more information please go to

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Retrofittingcalifornia is a foundation repair company based in south California. The company offers its service to homes in and around south California and Los Angeles.

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