Founder Alf-B Dagsvold Seeks Funding via Indiegogo for the Interactive 3D Clothing Brand ItsMeSee

If people could try on any clothes from anywhere in the world, which clothes would they choose?


Oslo, Norway -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/14/2014 -- Clothes are dynamic flexible objects with a personality photos cannot bring out. They are individual choices and their personality needs to match the buyer’s own.

When buying clothes online, people still have to use technology developed for paper; photo. The digital media have possibilities web stores have not begun to use. Because of this, most people still have an aversion to buying clothes online.

Large dominant brands are selling people dreams. They dress up photo models and celebrities in tailor-made versions of their clothes, then Photoshop them until they are almost not recognizable. These pictures create a dream and illusion they sell people through media. Many people have bought into this illusion only to find out they do not fit in the dream when the clothes arrive. Because of all the hassles of returning clothes, people end up putting them in the back of the closet, only getting rid of them when enough time has passed for our guilty conscience to let it happen.

The vision behind this project is to make the clothes universally available and bring out the full potential of the digital media. They are allowing a customer to try on clothes and to create whole outfits independent of brand and location. The ItsMeSee Interactive 3D clothing Project is an ambitious Technology Project, aiming to change how clothes are being marketed and sold on the web.

Funds raised through this campaign will be spent for
- To complete lots of additional work to create the quality and realism the project team is looking for.
- To create optimal simulations.
- To hire more people to scale up production and do some more programming.
- To expand the dressing room platforms and add features.

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