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Fountain Hut Publishes Reviews of Adagio Reflection and Sunrise Springs Water Fountains

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San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/27/2014 -- Water fountains have been a curious staple of human technology for many years. From the time of Archimedes inventing his screw, we have always been obsessed with the flow of water, and many believe it dates back to a more primordial time, when flowing water represented life and bounty. Now, they are a pleasing item for the home or garden, and have been innovated in all manner of unusual ways. Fountain Hut keeps abreast of these innovations, and has now published reviews of two popular wall-mounted fountains to help people bring the calming flow of water to their homes.

The two reviews are of the Adagio Reflection Creek Wall Fountain and the Sunrise Springs Glass Reflections Wall Fountain, which can both be hung on the wall like a picture; yet provide the flowing water of a fountain. The two products are similar in size but very different in feel, with one a light, glass, contemporary fountain and the other a dark and stony earthen fountain.

The two reviews both follow a similar format in order to enable direct cross-comparison by users, and begin with a general introduction to the product followed by a detailed deconstruction of their unique features and applications, as well as pros and cons, and a concluding recommendation.

A spokesperson for Fountain Hut explained, “We have reviewed these two products because while they have the same primary function, bringing the joy of a fountain into a living space, they have a very different attitude in doing so. The Sunrise Springs fountain is ideal for forward thinking, airy personalities and would be ideal for tech businesses or modernist architecture, while the Adagio brings a sense of weight and history that would be more at home for law offices or meditative spaces. Both are however outstanding, and highly recommended.”

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