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Fountain Mountain Offering Beautiful and Energy Efficient Kasco Aerating Pond Fountains

Fountain Mountain is offering high-quality, energy efficient Kasco aerating pond fountains in multiple displays.


Santa Maria, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/13/2018 -- Fountain Mountain is a reputable company dedicated to rolling out a broad range of beautiful, high-quality, and energy efficient pond fountains. Established as an online business in the year 1999, the company initially started selling tabletop fountains on eBay. After some time, its focus shifted to fountain and pond pumps and the business made a major move to a warehouse location in Santa Maria on the central coast of California in the year 2003. Ever since then, Fountain Mountain has been serving as a reliable provider of pond and fountain products that exceed customer expectations in terms of both quality and cost-efficacy.

While answering a query related to Fountain Mountain, one of its executives in a recent interview stated, "Fountain Mountain is a customer-oriented enterprise, so we do our best to ensure the satisfaction and happiness of our customers. We manage to fulfill diverse and the changing customer requirements every time, as we always think in terms of customer needs. For satiating myriad customer preferences, tastes, and budgets, we roll out different types and varieties of fountains, pumps, and fountain lights. Besides offering quality products, we offer awareness regarding the use and maintenance of all these products. We keep updating informative videos and knowledgeable content regarding the same on our website."

Fountain Mountain has evolved as a top choice for people seeking advanced and high-quality Kasco fountains. Kasco Marine brand is a state-of-the-art floating pond fountain and aerator manufacturer, which has a knack for producing quality fountains that are not only aesthetically appealing but are energy efficient as well. With its focus on quality and energy efficiency, Fountain Mountain gives a lot of importance to this particular brand. In addition, the company rolls out pond lights and fountain pumps ranging from inline and submersible pumps, solar pumps, and synchronous and asynchronous fountain pumps for tabletop to large fountains, ponds, and waterfalls.

Talking about the Kasco aerating pond fountains on offer, the executive added, "We roll out a wide range of Kasco Aerating Pond Fountains, which balance aeration with fountain display. Available in up to 5hp, they are energy efficient and offer more pond aeration than Kasco Decorative Pond Fountains. Kasco pond fountains are on the expensive side but the brand's concern regarding aesthetics, reliability, aquatic life, and energy efficiency justifies it all. However, for people who are tight on budget, we have developed the FTech Floating Fountain line, offering pond fountains utilizing 1900-13000 gallon per hour pumps."

Fountain Mountain can be an ideal source for people wanting to buy aerator fountains for ponds, which are available in multiple displays, are energy efficient, and cost-effective as well. Apart from purchasing, people can also count on this coveted company's website for seeking useful information regarding the use and maintenance of water pond fountains and more.

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Fountain Mountain is a provider of quality, aesthetically pleasing, and energy efficient pond fountains , pumps, and pond lights. Therefore, those looking for quality pond fountains and lights can visit their showroom or can count on the company's website for seeking desired information.

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