Four Down: Providing Information and Entertainment to Wrestling Fans


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/01/2012 -- Wresting fans continue to be fascinated by the sport that is deemed by many other sportsmen as mere entertainment. Because of this, there are still many people who demand that they be provided information or the latest updates about the world of professional wrestling. Aside from this, there are also a good number of individuals who seek entertainment through the internet or through their computers that are particularly related to the sport. These are precisely what Four Down has to offer. This website is one of the very few that actually gives wrestling fans with all the information that they need. It is also where games and other forms of entertainment about the sport can be enjoyed.

Four Down is not exactly new. It has been in operation since January 2008. According to Spencer Strickland, its owner, the website began as a hobby. He did not have any intention to make this into something big; one that could later on be considered as an authority about the sport. However, through the years, Four Down gradually became a much-visited site. This could be attributed to the fact that it does not provide information and entertainment at a cost. Everything that it provides to visitors and users is free of charge. As a result, the website now has about 12,000 users and this number continues to grow.

The website,, is basically interactive. This means that visitors and users do not only enjoy what the site provides them with; they could also create their own features to be entertained more. Those who really love the wrestling can compete against other players from different parts of the globe. They may even create their own leagues where they can play against friends. It is not surprising to encounter some leagues in the site that have become virtual communities of fans spanning several countries. Because of this, the site has been responsible for the building of friendships among people who would never have met or communicated because of distance and language barrier.

Four Down features a prediction game. It is through this game that wrestling fans can really test their capabilities to anticipate the outcome of every wrestling match. The pay per views of the WWE and TNA has been known for their prediction games and these are now incorporated into the site. This has now become one of the top attractions in the website. It is not just the entertainment factor that prompts the attraction. The site actually gives rewards or prizes to those individuals who make predictions correctly. Apparently, people who love to win prizes will enjoy browsing the site and joining the games.

About Four Down
After four years of operation, Four Down continues to grow. It has, in fact, established presence in social media, particularly in Facebook and Twitter. At the moment, it boasts of about 5,000 likes on Facebook, particularly due to its attractive cover. In Twitter, on the other hand, it already has more than 15,000 followers. These only prove how popular and successful its site is.

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