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Four Foods to Try in 2014


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/21/2014 -- Dieticians and nutritionists love to look for new foods to try, and each year numerous stories and reports come out listing various workouts and food choices that anyone can add into their diet for numerous benefits. To weed through the inundation of such topics, here is a short list of four different foods to try in 2014 for added health benefits.

While they’ve been around for years and juiced for a sweet summer drink, lemons are making a huge play into the realm of beneficial substitute foods for a variety of seasonings and condiments. Lemon can add sweetness and tang to lean meats and can replace salt as a flavor enhancer without any risks. Vitamin C enhances iron absorption, and it can provide antioxidants to fight against inflammatory diseases.

Another drink that has been known for years as a beneficial item for consumption is tea, but this year experts are suggesting adding teas to different foods for enhanced flavors, immunity boosting and other health benefits. Chicken recipes can be altered to use tea in place of broth or even butter, or the drink can be sipped as a nightcap for a calming, deeper sleep.

In the vegetable realm, cauliflower is becoming more and more popular as it moves out of its steamed state. As dieticians and chefs begin to experiment, they offer new ways to incorporate this low-calorie fiber-packed veggie into different meals. Snack on roasted cauliflower, or mash it and use it as a replacement for potatoes. It’s also packed with vitamin c for a boost in bone health in addition to the fiber it provides to one’s daily intake.

For those looking to add probiotics to their diet but have trouble digesting yogurt, kefir is another option they can explore. Its light creamy texture is said to be easier to digest than some dairy products, and it packs three times as much probiotics into a serving than yogurt does. Kefir can be made from traditional dairy, but also comes in almond or soy varieties and is also an excellent source of calcium and protein.

Keep an eye out for these nutrition trends in the coming months, and watch for ways to get creative with diet plans to add variety to meals in addition to all the health benefits.

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