Four Major Mistakes People Make When Selling a Home


Fairfax, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/03/2012 -- There are mistakes in life that cost us time, and there are mistakes in life that cost us money. However, when it comes to selling a home, there are several mistakes that people make that unfortunately cost them both valuable time and precious money. Here are four common mistakes that people make when selling a home, and how to avoid them.

(1) Failing to effectively market the home. Many people automatically think “open house” when it comes to marketing a home. But did you know that only 1% of homes are actually sold at open houses? Furthermore, many homeowners today opt to list their homes themselves, advertising them on internet resources such as Craigslist, or using local print ads. The problem is that these tools are really effective at attracting future prospects, not at selling. A member of the National Association of Realtors is someone who has the ability to employ a number of different marketing techniques that are specialized for your real estate market. The best Realtors will actively seek qualified buyers, not just rely on print or internet ads to sell your home.

(2) Showcasing a home in need of repairs. To you, that broken doorbell may seem like no big deal, but a potential buyer may be distracted by it and he or she may assume that there are other underlying problems. Make sure to showcase your home to the best of your ability. It should appear neat, clean, and well maintained. Make any small fixes that may cause a distraction, such as a broken ceiling fan, burned out light bulb, or holey window screen.

(3) Basing the price on emotional attachment rather than the true market value. We know that to the homeowner, every house is worth a million bucks. It is easy to see houses in terms of the love and care we have put into them, not the market value. But if you price your VA home based on how much you paid for it and how much work you put into it, you are ignoring a very important factor. You must take into consideration what the current market value of your home is. Otherwise, potential home buyers will simply see it as overpriced. Of course, every seller wants to list his or her house for the highest price possible. But it is very important to start out with a realistic listing price in order to avoid having to lower the price in the long-run. An appropriate listing price will allow you to attract the right buyers and help you to avoid a long listing period.

(4) Renovating the home right before selling. Many home owners decide to complete expensive renovations right before selling, in hopes of seeing a 100% (or more) return on their investment. This can be a costly mistake. Make sure to always consult with your Realtor before completing any major revisions to your home. Only certain renovations tend to get a full return, and the right Realtor can advise you on what renovations are best based on current marketing and budgeting trends in VA.

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