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Four Questions to Ask when Considering a Motorcycle Lawyer


Melbourne, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/01/2012 -- Being involved in a motorcycle accident can be a very frightening experience. In the year 2010, there were more than 7,000 motorcycle accidents in the state of Florida, and over 6,600 injuries due to these accidents. Sadly, many of the motorcyclists did not receive the compensation they truly deserved for their injuries, because they did not seek out an attorney. Those who have been involved in a motorcycle accident often need a motorcycle lawyer to assist them in receiving the monetary compensation they deserve. Here are four important questions to ask when considering a motorcycle lawyer.

“What is your experience with trying cases like mine?” Each attorney has a different area of expertise, and it is very important to ask what this is. Otherwise, the insurance company can use the attorney’s inexperience to their advantage. Sinclair Law is highly experienced in the field of motorcycle accidents. Attorney Brad Sinclair is a motorcycle enthusiast himself, the owner of three classic motorcycles, and a lifetime member of ABATE (American Bikers Aiming Towards Education). He is highly proficient in Florida’s motorcycle laws and can help you to obtain maximum compensation for your medical and non-medical damages.

“Are you involved with any charitable causes in your community?” A law firm that believes in making the world a safer, fairer, and more comfortable place for everyone will display equitable behavior as part of their business and beyond. And an attorney who is actively involved in his or her community will devote the same kind of care, passion, and attention to the cases presented to them by their community. For more than 25 years, attorney Brad Sinclair has been actively supporting community organizations through various donations, volunteer hours, and pro-bono legal services.

“Is an investigation of my motorcycle accident case important?” The right motorcycle lawyer will tell you, yes! A prompt investigation into a motorcycle accident case is essential because oftentimes the insurance company will try to prove that the motorcyclist was at fault in some way. However, motorcyclists are frequently the victim of negligent and/or inattentive drivers, and should not be forced to accept responsibility. The most common types of motorcycle accidents, such as a driver swerving in front of a motorcyclist or a driver’s failure to see a motorcyclist when changing lanes, could easily be prevented if it were not for the negligence of other vehicle drivers.

“What are my responsibilities in my motorcycle accident case?” The right motorcycle lawyer should inform their client that they have few responsibilities, but that the ones that they do have are essential. These may include sending all contacts to the law office (rather than dealing with them by themselves), keeping their doctor's appointments, and following their doctor’s orders. Other than that, an attorney should shoulder the responsibility of a motorcycle accident case.

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