"The Four-Star Diet" Goes Viral Post HUFFPost Review (Video)

Book Captures Global Terrain In A Shot


New Haven, CT -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/26/2013 -- In the week since Lisa Niver Rajna, blogger for The Huffington Post, gave her rave review of “The Four-Star Diet: Based Upon The Wisdom Of General Colin Powell & Other Ridiculously Brilliant Leaders”, this incredible new diet book is storming the globe and taking prisoners just as aggressively as any formal attack. And it seems, Author “Laura Wellington” is being bombarded by fans and counterpart opportunities just as doggedly. The attached YouTube video by Radio Host and Blogger “D.K. Levi” says it all.

“My foxhole is expanding by leaps and bounds,” says Laura Wellington. “I’ve obviously hit the target for a world of dieters. It’s both exciting and a bit surreal!”

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