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Four Winds Interactive (FWi) Announces Release of Software Version 4.6


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/26/2013 -- Four Winds Interactive (FWi) today announced the availability of FWi Software Version 4.6, a key update to FWi’s platform for creating and managing content across digital signs, interactive kiosks, mobile devices and more. With this new release, FWi’s users will benefit from a new reporting tool, powerful dynamic search capabilities and content conditions tagging, among other notable enhancements.

“In the 4.6 release, our Digital Signage Software at FourWinds takes a major step forward in performance, usage tracking and scalability for multi-thousand player networks,” said David Levin, President and CEO of Four Winds Interactive. “One of the most important new features is advanced reporting functionality, which has been at the top of the list of major enhancements requested by our customers. Being able to track audience interaction—and alter content and scheduling based on that data—is going to be an extremely powerful tool that will ultimately allow our clients to measure the ROI of their digital communications programs.”

FWi Software Version 4.6 contains an all-new reporting tool that provides users the ability to create custom dashboards by analyzing play logs. In addition to reporting on the number of times a specific content item is played on a sign and the frequency and type of interactivity with that item, users now also have access to a comprehensive view of content played across locations and players.

The new release bolstered the performance of key signage aesthetic functionality, providing smoother text crawl scrolling, enhanced video performance and increased touch and swipe responsiveness.

With the release of 4.6, FWi now provides support for Windows 8, Windows Server 2012 and SQL Server 2012.

FWi’s Web Player is now not only able to support Exchange calendars and Powerpoint support in simple slide show mode, but also offers Live Data formatting and dynamic channel activation.

Large networks are more effectively managed with 4.6’s variable condition support—allowing users to tag content with conditions, or variables, to define when and where tagged content will play—and bandwidth throttling to minimize network congestion.

“I think 4.6 is unique in that it’s just as exciting from the back end as it is from the end user perspective,” said Dave Shapiro, Chief Technology Officer of Four Winds Interactive. “We’re empowering FWi software users to manage and report on larger and more complex signage networks; and do so more reliably and securely than ever before. What’s more, they’re serving up stunning communications that more closely mirror the smoothness and responsiveness that their end users increasingly expect and demand.”

About Four Winds Interactive
FWi has created the most powerful digital signage software on the market today. In addition to powering digital signage networks, users can drive their interactive kiosks, desktops, Web and mobile content from a single, flexible and powerful software platform. FWi’s customers use its software to communicate more effectively, solve wayfinding challenges, enhance safety, increase sales and create a better experience for their audiences. For more information, visit http://www.fourwindsinteractive.com.