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Fox Valley Plumbing & Backflow Offering 50 Percent Discount on Spring Sump Pump Evaluation

Evaluation helps prevent emergency problems


Elgin, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/28/2016 -- As a way to prevent potentially damaging backups, Fox Valley Plumbing & Backflow is offering customers a 50 percent discount on sump and ejector pump evaluations starting April 1, reducing the price from $150 to $75.

"We always see a high volume of emergency calls about sump pumps during March and April," owner Matt Moraca said. "When spring rain comes, a malfunctioning sump and ejector pump can cause a huge mess, and has the potential to damage anything nearby. It's important to test and service the pumps regularly. We're offering customers a discount so they can have us find and fix problems before an emergency happens."

Sump pumps are the final defense against water entering a building. Usually found at the lowest part of a building, they start pumping water away from a structure before flooding happens. Fox Valley Plumbing & Backflow is offering the discount for a limited time, and $50 from the $75 fee can be put toward a newly installed sump and ejector pump.

"Anything with moving parts requires maintenance," Moraca said. "People don't think about testing their sump and ejector pump, but they should do so regularly, and they should have a qualified professional perform the maintenance that the pump manufacturer recommends. If they don't, they could be facing big problems when the skies open up and start pouring down rain.

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