Fox Trading

FoxTrading: A Brand-New Social Trading Platform Promises to Change the Way Users Move Through the Markets

FoxTrading allows traders to track the most-successful Forex traders of the day. FoxTrading provides a learning platform through which members can learn to make their own decisions in the international markets by following in the footsteps of the masters. Users can find the investors they trust, observe their trades and follow through on the path to prosperity.


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/23/2013 -- On the international scale, the market can be quite intimidating. Many wonder how the best in the business of Forex trading get their foot in the door and make their moves across the markets. From the surface, the streams of exchanges that cross various peaks and valleys of profits and losses can make it all seem like one big gamble. How does one get over the house? When it comes to the Forex markets, could there be a service streamlined to help the beginner, the seasoned trader and even the Warren Buffets of the world equally prosper?

Introducing an all-new social trading platform guaranteed to shake up the way stocks are seen and shared on the International Scale. FoxTrading is a project developed by a collective effort of professional traders, social media programmers and finance specialists seeking to build the perfect platform where anyone can join and take upon themselves the path to prosperity while testing the waters. Simply put, by following the Fox Leaders, members can observe, mimic and master the craft.

Fox Trading offers an opportunity for users to connect with the top traders, users showing the highest return on investment, copy their transactions and make some real money observing those who know how to ride the bulls and bears of the world’s markets. FoxTrading online is revolutionary through the quality of its convergence of social media and online stock exchange. There’s no reliance on an agent, broker or even floor trading involved, just sign up for an account and fund it and you can trade like a pro right out the box. Not to mention that just for signing-up, new users will receive a bonus to help boost their initial trades with a bang.

Fox Trading is a fully-compatible, broker-branded service optimized for every browser in including MacOSx Safari. Users can take the reins and ride out the storm. They just don’t have to ride it out alone. In fact, FoxTrading members can even follow through on their Forex exchanges through the convenience of a smartphone.

FoxTrading is fully-integrated and differentiates from other trading sites by focusing on the user rather than the broker. It was once said, “You can either make friends, or you can make money.” That saying may be true in the practice of many industries alike, but with Fox Trading, making friends IS making money. Members will train as they trade.

In addition to complete functionality, Fox Trading members can indulge in:

- Streamlined inclusion through all major Social Networking sites.
- The ability to post real-time notification of all positions and profitability.
- Real-time rate streaming.
- Various visual charts to accompany the tick-by-ticks of the day.
- Easy and Instant deposits directly from the site.
- Access to dynamic tools to track trends to increase trader activity and total broker volume.

About Fox Trading
Fox Trading ( offers daily updates of those trading with excellence, allowing users to “Follow the Fox Leader” or make their own decisions--the kicker being that users can go about it even with little-to-no prior experience regarding trading. Through getting to know the top traders, members can construct their own winning recipes.