Fran Sherman Seeks $200,000 in Crowdfunding for Power Papers

The True Link Between Print and Digital Media: Users will never lose or misplace another note, reminder, appointment date, idea, password, serial number again.


Maryland Heights, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/25/2014 -- Modern life is hectic with an endless series of demands and distractions all competing for our attention. In this seemingly infinite sea of chaos it’s all too often we find ourselves losing that critical idea before we could write it down or missing that critical deadline because it came and went before we could get it down in our appointment book. Or how about all those website passwords that we frequently can’t keep track of? Fran Sherman lives that life as do we all and has come up with the perfect solution; Power Papers.

The heart of Power Papers is a clever design that allows everyone to jot down notes the way they ordinarily would; on a calendar, daily diary, appointment book and the like. The powerful tablet technology is virtually invisible as it diligently captures a digitized copy of anything written down with efficient date stamping and folder organization making it easy to find any given thought, appointment or other important piece of data.

Power Papers should be considered a digital vault containing anyone’s manuals, forms, documents, notes, serial numbers, passwords, phone numbers, contacts, etc. A single authoritative data repository for vital pieces of information that can be easily and quickly referenced on demand thanks to ongoing syncs with all of the smart devices we use every day.

At present, a rudimentary prototype exists to provide proof of concept. The long-term hardware development goal is for a dedicated Power Papers "tablet" that would be very thin, allowing it to be comfortably inserted between the pages of an appointment book, calendar, form, project list, sticky note, etc. The goal for the writing utensil is to be a standard ballpoint pen that can write on the paper and transmit an impression of everything written directly to the device. The related software development goal is to have it duplicate the templates of the various items anyone is writing and to have the notes written transmit seamlessly to all devices with optical character recognition and editing capabilities. Also, the software would be able to save edits made from any device, and then transmit back to the "tablet" to remind a user to update the paper version of their notes if applicable.

About Crowdfunding
Crowdfunding is sought so that the prototype already developed can be perfected into a finished product ready for mass production.

This crowdfunding campaign ends on October 14, 2014.

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