Franchise vs Non-Franchise - Study Reveals a Shocking Difference Between the Two


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/23/2013 -- Are you ready to spend some serious money on the Franchise you’ve wanted to open for the longest time? I really think you should take a closer look at some hard statistics before making that financial leap.

If you are set and focused on going forward with your dream franchise, examine the actual reasons why you want to spend the type of money that is required to get that Franchise going. You should also take under consideration the amount of time and effort not only the money involved to take a chance at making this venture successful. Just because the Parent Franchise is a success doesn’t guarantee that your franchise also be successful.

Many investors looking for a franchise are taking a serious look at a Non-Franchise business opportunity that does not require the amount of effort or financial outlay to get a successful company going.

There are opportunities out there that are already fully automated for you at a fraction of the cost of a full-blown franchise. Do you have what it takes in time, financial outlay and learning curve to make this a success? Most think they do and end up losing their shirts.

If you are looking for a looser arrangement that what a franchise is offering, with fewer restrictions, top notch support and the growth potential of a company like Apple then I think you should take a serious look at the stats posted below.

What does a Franchisee have to look forward too? The steps outlined here are necessary in moving forward in establishing your New “Franchise” business. (The following steps are not in any particular order)

Anticipated Entry Cost $25,000 to $100,000 +

1. Choosing the right “Franchise”
Doing your due diligence
Deciding on the “Franchise” type
Site Scouting
Financing (difficult Loan process)
Attorney to review “Franchise” agreement and contract (Fees/Costs)
Security deposit
Site selection
Renovation costs
Insurance costs
Rent or lease costs
Overhead expenses
Employees salaries (benefits)
Liability Insurance
Pre-opening costs
Opening costs
Locked into working 80 to 90 hours per week
Start to see profits beyond costs after its third year if you’re diligent.

I may have left some out steps, but only to protect the innocent, but you get my point.

How many of these “Franchise” seekers have taken a look at Non-Franchised Opportunities that are not of a brick and mortar type. There are some that are taking the industry by storm with these non-franchise type opportunities and these same entrepreneurs are considered the business rock stars for 2013.

They say that Shakira’s Hips don’t lie neither do these Stats. These figures are reflective as of April 2013 and are solely relevant to one of the hottest Non-Franchise business opportunities within the last 15 months.

Top end cost of starting this business is $5,122

This Company was started 15 months ago
This company is ranked 165 in the U.S. and 407 Worldwide
Here is a company now bigger than,,,,, &
This company’s website has had over 45,223,617 page views
This company website has had over 29,220,122 unique visitors
This company has paid its members over $40 Million dollars in commissions and growing daily.
This company pays out 100% commissions on all sales
Additional Residual income from team members
No employees
Its subscribers/members all work from the comfort of their homes.
Members work on their own time schedule
Return on investment (see actual stats below as of April 2013)
Over 30 people in the company are making a Million dollars a year and the year has not even ended.
500 people in the company are making over $1000 a month
84 people in the company are 6 figure earners
64 people in the company are earning over $10,000 a month consistently.
There are 9 people in the company averaging over $20,000 per month
There are 8 people in the company averaging over $30,000 per month
There are 4 people in the company averaging over $40,000 per month.
There are 4 people in the company averaging over $50,000 per month.
There are 3 people in the company averaging over $60,000 per month.
There are 2 people in the company averaging over $70,000 per month.
There are 5 people in the company averaging over $100,000 per month
Their new basic member signups are: 7,255 in Dec, 9,486 in Jan, 10,033 in Feb, and 12,594 in March and as of April 10th 2013 over 5,112 new members.
The company goal for 2013 is to pay out over $250 Million in commissions and help over 5,000 new members make $5,000 per month in three months.
All members get full training
Excellent customer service.
Membership to the Millionaire’s retreat circle
Worldwide customer base
Home based business tax advantages

Now you have a fair assessment and comparison of the opportunities available for both the Franchisee and the Home based business entrepreneur.

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Big Idea Mastermind Sys offers Franchise seekers the opportunity to view the difference between what it takes to purchase a franchise and the ease of purchasing and running a successful non-franchise opportunity. The stats speak for themselves and these actually help the prospective franchisee make an intelligent decision.

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New York, New York