Frank Davidson and the Rescued Launch New Website


Charlotte, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/21/2012 -- In his new website, called the Rescued, Frank Davidson Charlotte NC will share the principles of the Bible to help gain control of your life through the teaching of Jesus Christ. The site will provide resources in handling difficult life moments, self-help, addiction and suicide hotlines.

The Rescued will also help people have a better transistion from their difficult situation to a more stable environment through the workings of Jesus Christ. The development of these counseling ministries will enable the Rescued to work with individuals, couples, and families on the problems that affect them. This allows the team to offer ministry work to get at deeper issues that impact emotional, spiritual, and mental health.

The new site will share these biblical principles that individuals will be able to apply in their lives. They will be a "GPS" of sorts to navigate through the many trials and tribulations that could be preventing us from reaching our true purpose in life and preventing us from from achieving the reward that come here and now and forever. Through these teachings individuals will be able to live the life that they've always wanted and dreamed of.

"At The Rescued there are many place that a person can serve God using their natural talents and abilities to provide service to those in need in the name of Jesus Christ," said a spokesperson with the offices of Frank Davidson,"these services are important because work needs to be done on other days beside Sunday."

The main point for the office of Frank Davidson and the Rescued is to provide resources for dealing with difficult times, developing lasting relationships with God and Jesus Christ and to help improve the overall health and well being for all those in need. Unfortunately, in today's society people turn to nefarious activities such as drugs, alcohol and crime and The Rescued aims to change their lives through Jesus and providing them with the foundations needed to deal with the curveballs that life can throw at an individual.

About The Rescued
Frank Davidson's Charlotte NC office of The Rescued is here to provide resources for people in need through the teachings of Jesus Christ.

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