Frank Ellis Explains How to Check Federal Tax Refund Status

“When Will My 2016 Federal Tax Refund Arrive?” explains how taxpayers can check the status of their refund, including online and using a mobile app.


Traverse City, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/24/2015 -- Tax expert Frank Ellis has published an article on that reveals how people can check on the status of their tax refund in 2016. It highlights several options. While people can still check by phone, it's also possible to check on the Internet. The author first reveals how filing methods impact how long one has to wait until they can check on the status.

For example, paper returns take longer than with e-filing. Ellis states that refunds may arrive within three weeks with the electronic filing method. He also highlights the IRS online refund tracking tool. In three basic steps, one can see their estimated refund date. Report availability varies with paper and e-filing. In addition, the details needed by the tool are identified in the article.

Frank Ellis also talks about checking refund status over the phone, with the hotline number provided. He also highlights necessary information such as filing status and social security number. The IRS2GO Apple/Android app is revealed as well. It lets users track returns and refunds using their mobile phone or device, once they enter specific details.

The author also provides information about H & R Block Online if the reader has not yet filed their taxes. This includes step-by-step instructions and getting the biggest refund possible. A link to the H & R Block tax refund calculator is provided as well.

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