Frank Ellis Now Reveals How Taxpayers Can Take Advantage of the Additional Child Tax Credit for the Current Tax Season

Frank Ellis now reveals how taxpayers can take advantage of the Additional Child Tax Credit for the current tax season.


Traverse City, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/05/2014 -- A featured article on the Additional Child Tax Credit is now available on Traverse City Tax Preparation Planner, Frank Ellis, explains how this credit applies to families in which the child tax credit exceeds their tax liability. Families must make less than a certain amount to qualify, as specified by the author, and receive a credit per child who is under 17 years old.

The author explains the various factors determining eligibility. Relationship to the family, age, where they live, and citizenship all factor in when claiming a child under the tax credit. Frank Ellis also reveals the proper form to file for it and also the limitations of this tax credit which may apply to certain married taxpayers or those with income limits.

Calculating the Additional Child Tax Credit is explained for taxpayers with one or two children, and for those with three or more. The author reveals percentages, earned income statutes, and other factors affecting how much can be claimed. Taxpayers also learn what can be deducted from their earned income.

For precise and error-free tax filings and deductions, the author briefly touches on TurboTax online software. It provides information, asks questions, and presents the right forms so that forms can be sent in without mistakes the first time, avoiding the wait to straighten out issues and receive a refund.

Visitors can also view the embedded video slideshow to learn more about the Additional Child Tax Credit and how it applies to them. The video explains what it does, what qualifies taxpayers for the credit, income limits, and shows an example of the form for filing it. Each section of the video is narrated with in-depth insight and expertise.

Frank Ellis publishes various tax-related videos on to help people file their taxes. This insight is valuable during what is a stressful time for many. With the proper information, taxpayers can navigate tax season with a more educated approach.

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