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Frank Ellis Reveals How to Handle Lost W-2 Forms for 2016


Traverse City, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/16/2016 -- Taxes can still be filed on time, even if a W2 has been lost or not received, according to a new article published by tax expert Frank Ellis, on The 2016 W2 online form is used for reporting income and earnings. In some cases, it can be missing or late, the author reveals. There are many options available to those who don't have the form, as explained in the article.

Often called the Wage and Tax Statement, the W-2 is sent by employers at the beginning of the year, Ellis states. Business are required to by law to mail it by January 31. This enables taxpayers to have enough time to file before April 15.

For those who do not have a W-2, options include contacting the employer to request another form. There are various reasons a company didn't send it or the form was sent back. The author also suggests contacting the IRS, and provides a toll-free phone number. He also reveals what information to have available, which the agency will need to process in order to send the form out.

Tax returns still have to be filed, whether or not one has their 2016 W2. The article says this is okay, especially for those who already contacted the IRS about their situation. Form 4852 can be filed if the first form is missing, and is to be attached to Form 1040. Although refunds may be delayed due to the extra processing time, the author says, the taxpayer will still file on time. He also reveals what to do if the W-2 arrives after submitting a tax return, in which case Form 1040X can be used to amend the tax return.

The article finishes by explaining how to get the 2016 W2 online, and by suggesting e-file providers. To learn about how to handle a missing W-2 form, go to

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