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Frank Kristan & Ludvik Holdings Formed TechHoldings


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/25/2017 -- Ludvik Holdings, Inc. announced in November, of 2016 a successful formation of TechHoldings, Inc.

Information Technology ("IT") companies are highly fragmented firms unable to meet the scale and breadth of large company demands. According to Deloitte, the market is expected to grow from $70 billion to more than $250 billion by 2017. The industry is highly fragmented with the 50 largest companies accounting for only about 40 percent of the revenues. At one end of the spectrum are the large technology conglomerates. These companies have broad service offerings and global reach which give them the ability to provide outsourcing services to big corporate customers; however, industry experts note that these firms are increasingly unable to react effectively and timely to the ever emerging needs of their customers.

The company intends to acquire a number of Information Technology ("IT") companies to build its market presence through consolidation. The company is uniquely positioned to benefit from the trend back to enterprise solutions with its focus on wide-scale software, hardware, and user support. Industry experts predict a re-focus on Enterprise Solutions after many years of concentration on individualized computing.

Frank Kristan says, "The acquisitions strategy is to create a diversified portfolio of companies. The target companies will have a combination of hardware, software and maintenance sales for recurring revenue."

The Company intends to complete the acquisition of existing subsidiaries and additional companies for a proforma sales of $50 million dollars in 2017, with a proforma Earnings Before Interest Tax and Depreciation ("EBITDA"), of $5 million dollars for 2017. TechHoldings, Inc. has recently retained an auditing firm to complete consolidated financial audit of the company's acquisitions and intends to become a publicly trading company in 2017.

The TechHoldings transaction was intended to provide a liquidity event for the shareholders of Ludvik Holdings, Inc. which happened in the first quarter of 2017, and was very successful.

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