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Franking Machine Usage Can Save UK Businesses up to 38 Percent on Postage Costs


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/18/2012 -- As of April 30th, Royal Mail increased the price of a first class stamp by 30 percent from 46p to 60p and the price of a second class stamp from 36p to 50p, an increase of 39 percent.

Although this postal price increase UK may not greatly impact individuals, for businesses that deliver a large number of postal items every month, this could heavily effect their bottom line. And in the current double-dip recession, every penny counts.

Fortunately, businesses can offset the recent hike in postal costs and save money by utilising a franking machine. In fact, according to CompareFrankingMachine.co.uk, companies can save up to 38 percent on postage costs by using a franking machine.

But given the wide variety of franking machines available, it can be hard for businesses to know which type of machine is the most appropriate for their unique needs.

For help choosing the best-suited and most cost-effective franking machines, UK businesses are turning to CompareFrankingMachine.co.uk. Featuring a free search service, the site allows companies to fill out a simple online form specifying their postage needs and provides them with recommendations for the most appropriate and affordable franking machines. The site also offers a range of insightful articles outlining the different types of franking machines and potential cost savings for companies.

Franking machines offers businesses numerous advantages over traditionally stamped mail, including less time spent in the mail room, cheaper postage costs, faster mail handling and more.

According to CompareFrankingMachine.co.uk, “You have complete control over your account which is easy to top up and you get all your postage charges in one invoice. With personalised franked mail, you are also projecting a more professional image of your company as you can print your logo or advertising message directly on the items you send.”

To take advantage of these many benefits, businesses must purchase a franking machine from a trusted supplier as Royal Mail does not supply machines directly. Companies must also obtain a license to use a franking machine.

CompareFrankingMachine.co.uk assists businesses throughout the entire process of selecting the right machine, finding a supplier that offers the franking machine for the best price and providing them with the resources they need to start saving money now.

For more information, visit http://www.CompareFrankingMachine.co.uk

About CompareFrankingMachine.co.uk
CompareFrankingMachine.co.uk helps companies throughout the UK find the best-suited and most cost-effective franking machine for their unique needs. Featuring a free search service, the site takes the hard work out of finding a machine by allowing companies to fill out a simple online form with their requirements, and the site does the rest.